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    Ralph Moon Memorial

    For those of you that knew Ralph Moon he was a great fly tyer, cane rod maker, a mentor and a good friend to many of us:

  2. NCCFFF Hall of Fame 2/24/07 Sign Up Now

    HALL OF FAME FEB 24,2007

    The NCCFFF Fly Fishing Hall of Fame will be held on Saturday night February 24,2007 at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, again in conjunction with the Fly...
  3. All Florida Fly Fishers Meeting 1/27/07 - Join Us

    New Florida Council FFF?s Day in the Sun

    In recognition of the importance of this fly fishing community, the Federation of Fly Fishers announced the establishment of a new regional...
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    February 18th Join us

    Attend the San Rafael Fly Fishing Show on Saturday February 18th and then join us at the Marin Rod and Gun Club for the 2006 NCCFFF HALL OF FAME dinner, auctions, ceremonies. Advance Registration...
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