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Never a camera

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I took my daughter out to the local irrigation pond that they refer to as a lake here in dry Idaho. She has been fly fishing for about a year, Last year being afraid of the hook, and being a little small, she was having problems casting. (she was fine in the back yard when no hook was on the line) She had taken one fish last year on my rod when I cast it out for her and let her strip it in. This time she was fishing about thirty feet from me when she said I think I have a fish, she then pulled in an 8 inch crappie. this was her first real fish on a fly rod that she cast and brought in herself. Of course I didn't have the camera with me and I didn't think of it being her first fish until after I had released it back in the pond. So no pictures I do have the fly she used though.

She is counting the days to the Washington fish-in.

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