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Fishing Report, 1/21/2008

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John and I decided to go harrass bunnies today, and since we haven't been on the back side of the Gunnison lately, we drove around and tried in there. The wind was howling, probably 20 mph most of the time, and between the crunchy snow and waving bushes we only kicked up one bunny, which was much faster on the draw than we were.

But hey, we were by the river, so...

John threw a spinner or three, and I dredged the bottom with a slumpbuster trailing a San Juan Worm. He got skunked (hooray for flyfishing supremacy), while I landed three bows and a brown, 12-17", in the hour or so we fished.

We didn't see any bunnies on the way out, either, although we did stop to look at a field full of elk, and watched one cow chase away a coyote who was loitering around the back side of the herd.