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Why is it so difficult

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I have spent the last three months camping, not by choice, I was looking for a house and things just kept falling apart. I fished a few times but the lake I was fishing on is a put and take and all the put was done before mothers day and by the time I showed up at the end of summer it was pretty much taken out. I now have the privledge of finding new to me waters to wet a line in. There are hundreds of lakes in this area that I can try. The question is why has it taken me so long and why is it so hard to start, I havent even dug out the copy of the regs to see what I can fish for. I have a nice lake two blocks from my new house that my housing assoc dues is paying for but I have yet to get the canoe on the water and cast out a line.

Upword and onward, tomorow I get a regs book and by the end of the week I hit the water.

Thanks for reading