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  1. Hey Bob - just logging back on to FAOL and saw your message. So sorry to hear about your wife, I can only imagine how difficult it must be!

    Good luck on your trip. I wish there was decent tail water fishing near here but I guess I didn't realize how lucky I was back in Cincy. The closest thing that I have to fly fishing is chasing bluegills around a muddy little farm pond...but at least I'm working on my casting form!

    Take care with your travels, and I hope our paths cross sooner than later!

  2. HEY!!! JIM!!! - you did answer - GREAT!!!, good to hear from you and good to know you're still with us. I was hoping you were still with us in Cincinnati not OK. That's fine as well, you have to do what you have to do. I'm going to get back into FF real soon. Couldn't make the long run on taking care of Rita, and had to place her in a nursing home or go crazy. She started having some pretty bad delusions starting in Nov, which only got worse, and that took the decision for the NH out of my hands - thank God!

    I will be traveling out west some to visit an old military buddy in Utah, and thought I would do some fishing along the way. Also have family in Houston so will be circling you at some point. If you find any good tail water (trout) fishing around where you are maybe we could lessen the population a bit, or at least make some of them tired.

    Thanks for replying....good to know you doing fine.........keep in touch over time.........Bob
  3. Hey Bob,

    Thanks for the note - just figured out how to respond.

    YES - of course I remember fishing with you - the Cumberland was a very impressive fishery! Right now I'm in Oklahoma where my wife accepted a teaching position at the University of Oklahoma, so I'm chasing Bluegill and bass around a local pond. But it's definitely better than not fishing at all. And those bluegill sure to pull!

    Wow - sorry about your wife. I wish you both strength.

    Regarding the F chord, forget them. I've been playing for 35 years and I still hate it. Just transpose it into a different key or use a capo to let you play different chords!

    Good luck with everything, thanks for the note - it's great to hear from you again! And most of all, thank you for sharing your home waters with me - hopefully we can do it again!

  4. Hi Jim -

    You may not remember me (Bob Tibbetts), we fished on the Cumberland what seems like years ago, but probably 4 or 5, and that was before my life changed. I was trying to find you on FAOL back then and didn't have any luck. But I see you were active yesterday, so good to see you are still on this side of the grass.

    If I ever get back into fly fishing I'll give you a yell, just to find out if you are still living close enough to the Cumberland that maybe we could meet some day for a little FF. It could be years as I'm primary caregiver for my wife who had a stroke, so don't check your social calendar anytime soon.

    I forgot you played the guitar until I read your profile, I am trying to teach myself while I'm at home most of the time, and find it a little difficult, frustrating, challenging, but tons of fun and even learning little things is very rewarding. If I could only learn to play the damn F chord clear. LOL!

    The best.....Bob
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