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  1. Planettrout. Love your pics and details of your midges. Question, Knowing the potential of going head-to-head with a very large
    Brown on the Walker. If you had one of your # 22 flies on, what size tippet would you try to get through the hook eye, and still bring him to net ?
    Crunchy Harry Warner
  2. Harry,

    It's like that with Bob Marriotts...even with a list, when I leave, I always think I "forgot" something...


  3. planettrout,

    The time I had in S. Cal. with my daughter was excellent as usual. However, on my scheduled leave date the airline called and asked if I would accept another date to fly into Seattle, as at the
    present time the terminal was shut down due to a ice/show storm. So I didn't fly out until the next Friday. As luck would have it, I left a few things off my shopping list and had to return to
    Bob Marriott's. So while I was there there were a few more things that jumped off the shelf into
    my shoping basket. All-in-all I had a very good time there. The weather was usual S. Cal type,
    "Warm, sunny and clear. I could see mt. Wilson almost every day.

    Maybe another time we might be able to meet up.

    Crunchy Harry Warner
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