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  1. Cris, thanks for the photos and report. That is really a beautiful place you have there.
    I had a good week fishing with my nephew in the Eastern Sierra's this past week. Check out my report on the fishing reports forum under June 2-5 trip.
    Hope you get a lot of fishers to guide for the salmon season. Jim
  2. Hey Jim.

    The house is coming along well and life is good. Salmon season starts up for me this coming saturday!
    Some Photos of the house...

    Sorry I took so long to reply, ... I don't seem to get any alerts from FAOL to my mail account

    Tight lines to you!
  3. Cris, I guess your salmon season is about ready to start now and you are pretty busy. I just wanted to check in with you to see how your new property is coming along. Hope you and your lady are well. Take care and catch a big one for me. Jim
  4. Good morning Cris. How's it going? Hope you are getting moved in to your new place with a minimum of hassles. Let us know how it goes. Jim
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