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  1. Mr Chronicler,
    My name is Heinrich Schlarb , i live in PA. i have been tying for 17 years or so and love tying and fishing softhackles ( if this is for the Purple and not Starling). the story is :I tied this fly for a softhackle swap. I like to tie with silk so the body was a no brainer,however i was out of suitable sized starling and a call to the local shop confirmed the worst, NO starling on the shelf. Time to imrovise, A light Dunn hackle would fit the bill nicely, so became the Purple and not Starling. In fly tying nothing is written in stone, IMPROVISE, the fish will not care. hope this helps ,
  2. I am preparing to use a fly pattern that you sent me earlier this summer but I need a name to put with the article.

    Neil M. Travis
    Editor, FAOL
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