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  1. Baitwaister

    Finally got things all streightened out. The G'grand kids were over last weekend playing games on the computer. When they cleared everything off they also took
    some of my data ie. E-mail and other postings, so, I'm not sure if you were able to
    answer my last E-mail to you. I'll try again ! Looks like I'll be coming over about the
    middle of June as all the waters I like to fish are high, fast and very colored. The boy says it's best to let things calm down for a couple of weeks or so. However, when I do make it, I will need your address in Sandpoint or a phone/cell number. I'm really
    eager to check your furling set-up. If you have some leaders made up for trout sized
    fishing I'd like to buy a couple from you.


    FAOL (Crunchy) Harry
  2. Baitwaister,

    Not sure if my last E-mail made it through, as our server has been acting up. Now with a new YI-FI this should
    do the trick. I will be coming over to Clark Fork for some fishing with my son and G'son and would like to stop by
    to check out your "Furling " layout. I do need your address or your phone/cell number.
    Hope to see you about the end of May, or there abouts.

    FAOL "Crunchy" Harry
  3. Baitwaister,

    This is Chrunchy, I will be coming over to Clark Fork for some fishing and maybe pass along all my bad habits of flyfishing
    on to my G'son. He says my flies work with spinning gear and a bobber, so what's to loose. I would like to stop by and
    see your furling set-up. However, I do need an address or at least a phone/cell number.
    Contact me by E-mail Thanks hope to see about the end of May.
  4. Baitwaster

    My grandson had Geography with him. Send me your E-mail address
    so we won't have to go through the FAON BB to communicate.

    Harry aka. (Crunchy)
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