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  1. Chris, I haven't seen you around the board lately. I hope things are ok with you. I gave a report recently about fishing with my grandson. The best fly of the day was a black ant you tyed for a swap we were in last year. Thanks for that.
    Are you in Dallas now? My son got tired of Richardson and moved back to Lockhart. I'm encouraging him to join the fly fishing club there. He said he would check it out. Hope to hear from you or see you on the board soon. Jim
  2. Hi, Yeah, Actually he is in Richardson. He's still doing motorcycle sales and swaps and is getting ready for his annual pilgrimage to Ohio for the granddaddy of all bike swap meets. They fly up and rent Penske trucks, load them up and drive back. I'll let him know about the clubs in Dallas. I hope he gets interested in them. He never seems to have much time for recreation.
    I was in Texas a few weeks back but didn't make it to your neck of the woods because of his move. I did go as far south as Llano to visit an old friend. The river there was running pretty good. Best regards, Jim
  3. Cal E Batis, Looks like we are in another swap together. I'm dying some pheasant feathers with a dark green Rit dye for the matukas I'm going to ty. I hope they dye alright. I've never used a color this dark. BTW, my son who was living in Lockhart has sold his bike shop and moved back to Dallas to be closer to his kids. Jim
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