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  1. Jack, how have you been? I was thinking about you and Warren the other day. I don't get online much anymore, but I still try to go fly fishing every chance I get. One thing I do have that I never use though, is a pontoon from creek company. I'm thinking about selling it. If one of you was interested Id sell it cheap. Might even bring it to you, but I'd charge a day of fishing for the delivery charge, LOL. Anyway, I hope all is well with you both.
  2. We had a good day on the Duck and hope to do the same tomorrow.
  3. Jack,

    Kaboom make it down ok? I was hopeing to get down there to meet him and go fishing with you guys, but it's not going to work out this trip. Maybe next time. I hope he made it down ok and you guys catch lots of fishies.

  4. Jack,

    I hope you and Warren made it through the floods ok. We had some roads and a few bridges washed out here, but thankfully that is all.

    See you,
  5. Jack,
    How are you doing? right now I can't sleep so I got out the disc you gave me with the 2006 FAOL fly patterns and found there were 2 discs in the pack?! The other disc is labeled "HP Photosmart Mz60 series Digital Camera." Anyway, if that is something you need let me know and I'll mail it to you, or I can just hang on to it untill my next time down.

    just let me know,
  6. Jack,
    That sounds great. I talked to Jesse today, he is really looking forward to friday. We are going to try to leave between 5:30 and 6 am. I'll call you about 7 or 7:30 and let you know where we are at. I'm thinking it'll take about 2 1/2 hours to get there. I googled your house and I actually saw it (I think that was it, gray and red shutters with a 1 car garage on side?) on the internet. That @#! is unbelievable?! I was going to call you tonight, but I am expecting a phone call we have DSL. Anyway, I'll call you later this week.

  7. Jack,
    That sounds great! I'll bring some cokes, water and sweet tea for Warren. I still haven't gotten hold of Jesse yet tonight, but I'll try again as soon as I get off of here. I'll try to give you a ring tomorrow night.

  8. Jack,
    Where ever you guys want to go is fine with me, you guys know the lay out, I just can't wait till Friday! I have to work Thursday I'm not sure about Jesse's schedule, so I am planning on leaving early Friday morning say5:30 to 6 range. That should put us down there around 8 I think. If you guys don't care, I'd love to learn to make a furled leader, but if that is going to take a long time I'll just wait till my next trip down. I don't want to take much time away from Jesse's getting to fish. I hope he catches a truck load.
    I'll try to get in touch with Jesse tomorrow and see how his schedule is.
  9. Jason;
    Any way you guys can come down Thursday evening? I could get a Pizza and Warren could come over for some fly tying. I have a spare bedroom with 2 twin beds so no problem with getting a good nights sleep! Head to the Elk in the AM. after a good breakfast and a good nights rest!
  10. Jack,
    I can't wait til next Friday! However, I have lost my directions to get there. I think I can still manage it ok, but which exit # do I use? My cousin's boy Jesse is really excited about going fly fishing. He has tied flies in the past, but if I understood him right, he has never went fly fishing. Anyway, can't wait to see you.

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