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  1. Hi Jack
    If I don't have to work (still looking) and can find the gas money I'll be there. A new job will probably mean no time off that soon but you never know.
  2. Hi Jack Butterfly and I survived the winter though we are both a little heavier . We're working on that. I almost called you to see if you had an open bed when I was laid off for a week at the end of April but just couldn't make the numbers work without breaking into savings which I can't afford to do while only working four days a week. I figured I'd have to pust the Explorer friom about the Indianna line to Nunica when the gas money ran out. I'm going to be at the fish-in if things don't get any worse. I'll probably be looking for someone who wants to share a campsite soon.
  3. Jim;
    How you doin'? Will you be up for the fish-in?
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