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  1. John

    Sorry I didn't see this in time before you sent the box on to me but I really don't know what I "need" just will be fun to look through it all.
    As for the damsel nymph. The extended body does move some but I have thought to change the monofilament loop for a loop of olive floss maybe. The way I did it on those flies was to thread 4 beads on a threader then pull a loop of mono thru the beads and out the end, then put the butts of a small clump of maribou into the mono loop then pull the ends of the mono so as to pull the butts into the fisrt bead or so then slight drop of glue holds it in. Then lash down the free end of the mono loop to the back of the hook for the thorax.
    There really doesn't seem to be much stress on the body.
    Can't wait to see the box.

  2. Hi TB,
    I was going to drop you a note, then I noticed you're the person I forward Dave's swap box to. Kind of ironic.

    I originally was going to ask you about the beaded damsel you tied for your nymph swap. I was looking at the photo you posted and that fly looks absolutely killer. Is there a recipe posted somewhere? I fish the Blackfeet Reservation lakes and I think that pattern will hook in a big way. Does it wiggle? Are the beads strung on a piece of monofilament?

    Now that I know you are the next recipient of the swap box, is there anything in particular you are looking for? I will try to add (or leave) something specific if you have something in mind.

    Take it easy,
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