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  1. Jack, Finally got this computer back into use. The last time I heard about you, you were under the weather.
    Hope things are on the mend and much better. We won't be coming back to N. ID. until this coming spring.
    There are some medical issues that we want to take care of first. Good to see your post. The person who
    bought Denny's chicken supply lives somewhere just east of C'DA. Do you know the place?
  2. Jack,
    I was just opening your post and a glitch happened and wiped everything out. I assumed you were sending me your E-mail address, but everything was lost. Would you please send to me again. Thanks
    Harry Crunchy
  3. Jack, I need your new address. I tried your old one but it came back. Harry (Crunchy)
    Good luck in CdA
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