I'm a Pirate!

Cuba 2010
  1. Air show! Invrted and open gilled!
  2. One of Pierre's Tarpon coming to the skiff
  3. One of many!
  4. !!!
  5. The Release: Photo Alan Lavoie 2010
  6. Alan! Hang onto the fish for the photo!
  7. Another!
  8. Seafood anyone?
  9. A nice bone for me!
  10. Supper!
  11. Hiding from the sun! 12 hours per day in an open skiff. Take the sun seriously in Cuba. I had #60 SPF underneath ans still got a Raccoon Tan!
  12. Colin and his Gude on a lunch break
  13. Pierre at sunset
  14. The Tortuga. Home for the week
  15. Bones on the Mangrove flats
  16. On the fast boat - 3.5 hours from Jacaro to the Tortuga
  17. ALan! Are we having fun yet?
  18. A first of many!
  19. Aan with one of his first Bonz
  20. The Mangroves
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