Joe Hyde - January 17, 2011

Had to share this recipe (attached) for a barbeque baked beans dish that recently made an impression on me. They showed up at a Christmas potluck dinner last week, brought by Monte the maintenance chief at Idaho's Lucky Peak Lake, who cooked the dish himself. I would rate Monte's baked beans right up there with the excellent ones made by Smokestack BBQ in Kansas City.

For those who don't like onion in anything they eat, please note that the ingredients list doesn't call for much. I happen to like onion in lots of foods, but I'm pretty much a novice at cooking so I can only guess that this dish is as tasty without onion as with it.

It might taste as good or even better using venison burger, too, instead of hamburger.

Brown bacon in large pan, drain off most of fat, remove bacon from pan.

Brown onion, add hamburger and brown the hamburger, then add bacon.

Combine catsup, vinegar, mustard and brown sugar; add to bacon and hamburger.
Combine beans, sauce and hamburger mixture in a 13" by 9" glass baking dish

Bake @ 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hour

(Caution: re-heating or over-baking dries out BBQ beans)

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