Mark Lishchynsky - May 3, 2010

There were a few Jewish deli's in Miami Beach along Collins Ave a "few" years ago. Many have since passed to make room for the new culture of South Florida. BUT, there are memories of those that were and still ARE in my memory.

If anyone can remember "Surfside 6" , a TV show centered on a houseboat (which many years later became the final resting place of Michael Cunanin the killer of the famous Italian fashion designer. Versace) moored across Collins Avenue from the Fontainebleau Hotel. Well, just up the street was my all time fave deli, PUMPERNICKS with, among other outtasight menu items, a strawberry cheesecake to DIE for. Waiting in line for an hour was normal and WELL worth it.

On one of our visits, I charmed the chef Jesus" pronounced Heysus" from Cuba to share his recipe for Brisket of Beef - Jewish style. He shared it with the caveat that I should keep it to myself. Well, sufficient time has passed since our pact, and Jesus (remember, it's "H"eysus) may now be reaping his Heavenly reward so now I feel it's TIME I share this culinary delight with y'all.

The recipe will produce the essence of the taste but what cannot be reproduced is the "moment" at Pumpernicks (Pickles and sauerkraut at each table and an obnoxious, overworked waitress to take your order)."Waddauwant ?" was the customary greeting- AND you'd better not ask for ANY deviation from the printed menu or ask to "hold the....." whatever. Incurring her wrath was the "fun " thing to do (and then tip her waaayyyy above norm as an implied apology).

Well, all that being said, I'd rather be in......................., never mind. The recipe follows: Don't be fooled by its simplicity. This is GOOD STUFF.



Place brisket, onions, celery carrots and bay leaf into a foil lined pan (enough foil to fold over and cover)

Cover all and place in 225-250 deg oven for (ever) about 4-5 hours.

Don't even think of peeking.

After the allotted time, pour off the resultant juices into saucepan and add the beef stock. (reserve some of the beef stock to mix with the corn starch) Add the beef stock-corn starch mixture and bring to boil to thicken.

Slice the brisket - counter grain- and return (neatly) into roasting pan. (Carrots and celery should be there)

Pour thickened gravy over meat and serve all over mashed potatoes.

S L O W cooking is the secret to make tender this cut of meat. Follow the recipe and ENJOY.

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