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Reviewed By Neil M. Travis - Oct 8, 2012

May the Rivers never sleep

May the Rivers Never Sleep is what I call a "coffee table" book. My terminology may be dated but this is the type of book that, when placed in a prominent place, will attract the attention of anyone interested in the outdoors.

The dedication of the book really tells you what to expect inside: "The conservation legacy of Roderick Haig-Brown and to all those women and men who follow in the vision of his footsteps in the protection and recovery of wild fish and wild ecosystems.

The authors are a father and son team who has lived most of their lives along the very rivers that they have so eloquently written about and photographed. Bill, the father part of the team, is one of the founders of Wild Fish Conservancy and served as the president of the board for ten years. John, the son, is a salmon ecologist and has worked with the Hoh Tribe, Wild Salmon Center, and NOAA Fisheries, and is currently involved in the monitoring of salmon recolonization related to the removal of the dam on Washington's Elwha River. Both men are published authors and photographers.

The book takes the reader through the year in a month by month narrative. The images, both in color and black and white, transport the reader to the fog-shrouded and mist waters of the Pacific Northwest. The essays are both stories of personal experiences and poignant truths about the state of our salmon and steelhead rivers along the Pacific Coast. We can only hope that they are not just a voice crying in the wilderness.

May the Rivers Never Sleep
Amato Books – 2012
Hardbound; 9 x 12; 152 pages, full color; historical photos
Authors: Bill & John McMillan
ISBN-13: 978-1-57188-480-0

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