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Reviewed By Neil Travis - March 8, 2010

Book Review - Flyanglers Online - March 8, 2010

I have had the good fortune to catch Arctic Grayling, but I have never been in the Arctic. There are still a few locations South of the Canadian border where one can still catch one of these beautiful fish; however if you want to be certain that you will catch one you need to go where they are still found in abundance, and in our part of the world that means Alaska or Canada.

Cecilia Kleinkauf has given the Grayling enthusiast and anyone that wishes to become one all the information needed. This book gives you everything that you need to know from where to go to find Grayling to how to catch them when you get there. With 22 years of experience fishing Alaskan waters she is eminently qualified to write about this unique fish.

Lavishly illustrated with beautiful photographs by photographer Michael DeYoung it contains maps showing where to fish for Grayling, and a section on flies. Many of the patterns are familiar to anyone that fishes for trout but there are a few patterns that you would normally not find in the average trout angler’s fly box.
If you are interested in pursuing this unique game fish this book should become part of your angling library.

Fly Fishing For Alaska’s Arctic Grayling
Author: Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf
Amato Press; Paperback; $19.95
ISBN: - 13: 978-1-57188-457-2


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