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Reviewed By Neil Travis - Decembter 07, 2009

Colorado Greenback Cutthroat Trout book cover

“We’ve been asked many times, ‘Why write a book about the greenback cutthroat trout?’ It’s been pointed out by several fishermen that the greenback is one of the smallest of all trout in Colorado [an 18 inch fish is a monster], perhaps the most gullible, not the greatest fighter [you won’t likely see any aerobatics], and probably the hardest to find [for the most part plan on hiking if you’re looking for them]. We can’t argue with the fact but once you’ve caught and released one we think you will understand.”

The preceding paragraph is taken from the introduction to a book dedicated to a species of cutthroat trout that is only familiar to a handful of anglers. Found only in the State of Colorado, and long thought to be extinct, the greenback cutthroat trout is truly a remarkable trout.

For anglers wishing to try for this rare and beautiful trout this book is a must. It covers the history and biology of the greenback cutthroat along with extensive information on where to find them and how to catch them on flies. All greenback cutthroat trout must be released so leave your frying pan at home.

Colorado Greenback Cutthroat Trout – A Fisherman’s Guide
Authors: Jim Rubingh & Richard Fritz
Amato Press - ISBN – 13:978-1-57188-447-3
Softcover - $19.95


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