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Jack Hise & Kaboom1 (Brad Sherrick) - December 13, 2010


What started as a “Wouldn’t it be fun to” may become a reality. Brad and I discussed the possibility of driving to the 2011 Idaho Fish-In while at the Michigan Fish-In. 

I’m retired and single; Brad is married and will be retiring at the end of this year. A trip like this would not be a problem for me but Brad would have to convince his spouse to let him go. 

First I did a lot of research on places to fish and cost of hotels. Finding places to fish was easy but as I dug deeper in to hotel cost it began to look like more than I could afford. 

Brad suggested we pull a pop up camper and camp our way West. With more research on doing it this way I found that it would cost less than my annual fly out trip!! Plus a lot more days of fishing!!

The big break came when Brad’s wife approved of the trip!! She is even helping in the search for a pop up camper!! Of course she will be basking in the sun on a beach in Hawaii while we try to keep our waders dry and avoid rattle snakes somewhere west of here!

Here is a rough draft of the “Trip”.
On or about Sept. 6th we will head to Shellsburg, IA to mooch dinner, beds and breakfast from my brother and his wife. 

The next day we will head to Mitchell, SD and a camp ground for the evening. Then it will be on to Spearfish SD and the KOA for 4 nights and fish the Black Hill of SD (yes we are aware of the Didimo), then on over to Livingston, MT for the night and visit Trav and Ladyfisher. Our fuel stop on the way to Worley, ID (another brother to mooch off) is in St Regis, MT and everyone knows what’s there so we may stay a day or 2. 

The stop at my brothers in Worley for a much needed “Rest Stop”!  Do our laundry (UGH!!), clean the camper, maybe sneak off and fish the St. Joe. Bulk up on some of my half Italian sister in laws great cooking!

We will be in Lowell, ID on Saturday Sept. 17th 2011 for the start of the Idaho Fish-In!! I have told Brad that I will drive up the Selway River Road as I have seen it! He’d just drive us in the river gawking at the scenery!!

On Saturday Sept. 24th we will head to Livingston, MT and a couple of days fishing the Yellowstone River. This leg of the trip presents a big problem! Will Brad have had enough of a Trout Fix by now to only enjoy the ride through the Bitter Root Valley or will he need to be blindfolded?! 

After fishing Paradise Valley for a couple of days it will be a “Beat Feet” for home ride back to Elida, OH

So far the only “Set in Stone” dates are the visit to Worley, ID and the Fish-In. We are open to suggestions, advice, information, etc. and will send in an update every couple of months.


Sysadmin Note
Part Two can be found here.


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