Rick Zieger - Apr 29, 2019

Finally had a chance to get out when I was free, and it was not raining.

Headed out to a pond with two rods and a lot of flies.

When I got to the pond, I found that one of the rods I wanted to use had lost the tip. So out with one rod. Tip is fixed now.

Walked in and saw that the water was a little dingy. We have had so much rain that the grass was spongy as I walked across it. But it was time to be fishing.

Headed to the dam to try the deep water and the break line that is near the dam. First cast went out about 40 feet and felt good. It was even within 10 feet of where I wanted it to go.

The second cast landed nearer the shoreline than I had intended. But it seemed smarter to fish it in than to hurry it up to make another cast. Had it back about half way when the line felt heavy. Sat the hook and had the first gill of the year. Fun to see the rod dance and to feel it in my hand and arm.

A few casts later got a bass about a foot long. Spend another 10 minutes casting in the area and had no interest. Move about 20 feet and tried again.

Picked up another gill in this area and two more bass. After no action for about 10 minutes it was time to move.

Moved about 40 feet, as I know this area of the dam does not produce many fish at any time of the year. Made the first cast and let the fly drop. Saw then end of the line move just as I saw the flash. Had a crappie on for about 15 seconds. Figured it rolled on the fly and was hooked in the side of the mouth. Hooked four more crappie here, the same way, and lost them all.

Kept moving around and got a gill occasionally. Did get several more bass, all in the foot-long range. Lost several more crappie as they got close to shore.

The wind had been increasing since not long after getting to the pond. The waves on the pond were getting large enough that I could not see if the end of the line moved or feel if the line got heavy. Could not feel the light taps of a hit either. Not sure if it was rust, being the first time, but it had to be the waves.

Came home and took care of the fish. Had a nice meal and a few to share.

Hope you can get out on the water. Rick

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