Rick Zieger - Apr 3, 2016

I went out for the third time in early March after the ice was off. I had been out twice before, throwing a lot of different flies with very little success. On the first two trips the fish and my flies did not find the same place, or more likely the person on the rod end of the line did not do what needed to be done to find fish. But on this day the fish told me where they were. I had two rods with me; both graphite in a 4weight and a 5 weight. Both had bead head flies on them. A Hares Ear type and an Only. After several casts I had not caught any fish.

I was getting ready to change flies. There is a slight wind out of the east. I turn my back to it to change the flies. The wind stopped and I saw a whole bunch of swirls just under the surface so it was time to go with unweighted flies.

I put on a black furl tailed mohair leech and another hare's ear. The hare's ear was on a scud hook with two rubber legs at the front and a flashback strip over the abdomen, but not the thorax.

I cast the Hares ear out first. Just after it hit the water, there was a swirl that means a hook set. A nice bluegill was on the line that made the rod tip really dance. I made a cast a few feet to the side of where I caught the bluegill but there were no fish on the drop ,but another nice bluegill took it after the third slow strip. No fish on the next few casts so tried the leech. A nice bluegill smashed that fly on the fourth cast when the fly was only about 10 feet off shore. I made a short cast and tried again. Another bluegill smashed this fly when it was near shore. Then the fish were gone or there had been enough disturbances to put them down.

I moved along the shore and tried the leech first near shore. I picked up a few more fish on it, and by casting it out farther I picked up a few more fish; one of them was a foot long bass that flopped on the surface. It did not jump, but seemed to want to head in that direction. I tried the hare's ear and got a few more fish. A nice crappie came on this fly when it was just under the surface was a surprise. Then it was time to move again.

I moved to a place on the pond where I knew that there were a few tree branches anchored in the water. I also know that the butt ends of the branches are closest to the shore. All of the branches that come off the main branch have some of my flies on them. But for most of the year there are some fish that like this place.

I made multiple casts with both flies in this area and I got two more nice crappie and several more bluegills. I also got a large number of bass from about 6 inches to one about 4 pounds. Most were in the foot long range. It was great fun to have them take the flies. But even this area gave out after a while. I moved on around the pond, but I think the water got too shallow and the fish had just not moved up into it.

Got home and took care of the fish. Had fillets to eat and to share which made some folks happy to get fish to eat.

Unfortunately I have not fished since then as I got the flu-cold stuff that is going around now. It takes forever to get rid of everything so I  will not get out until after Easter.


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