Rick Zieger - March 7, 2011

The weather has been driving me nuts. Temperatures are up and down.

The edges of the pond have melted. It looks like the ice is going to go off and I can wet a line. Then the temperature drops and the open water ices over. Then the temperature stays under freezing for a few days. Then we get a warming spell and it looks like the water will open up. We get the skim of ice to come off and a little more of the main ice to melt.

Those are the days that I have to work and get other things done. Then when the days that I am off come around, the temperature has dropped and the water is hard again.

If you remember my wife talked about the “Shack Nasties” a few weeks ago. They are worse now.

I think I may know the reason why this is happening. Mother Nature and my wife a both females. They have to come to an agreement to conspire against me.

Someday the water will open up and I can get a line wet. Then I can have some fillets like that mean, cruel guy in Kansas is showing us on the bulletin board. I told you the Nasties were in force.

I envy those of you who can get out on the water. I hope the water open us soon for the rest of us.

Rick (in the throes of the Shack Nasties)


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