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January 24, 2011

If you are reading this you most likely are still able to sign on and find Fly Anglers OnLine.
While we’ve been ‘online’ for fourteen plus years now, every once and again something goes south and the web site you have come to expect to be online isn’t. I think you know what I mean.

I’ve been having some serious email problems for a couple of weeks and nothing seemed to fix it. My husband Trav decided things were a bit suspicious and did a full back-up of my computer. A good thing since the last time the email went strange the computer ended up at Randy’s shop in Livingston Montana.

So here we are again and the problem to keep it simple is my email has been hacked and that probably means my email address and all the people who send/receive email from me are now receiving strange stuff from publisher at fly anglers online. I’m sorry about that and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it except to change email servers which we have done and also our IP address. So if that is important to you, it has changed.

As far as us being off line, we have put FAOL on a different server with another professional server company. Our techy Ron Tidd has been using this new one for some time and is very happy with them.

He is trying to find a different Chat Room which is work on the new server and one which the Chat Hosts will be happy with. A couple of the hosts have been pulling their hair out to get into the Chat and in one case, Denny Conrad, had to check into the chat several hours in advance to make sure he got in on time. Ridiculous. Another host on a dish hasn’t been able to get into the chat in months, and at one time he and Denny didn’t have any problems. Part of the problem seems to be the various chat systems deteriorate over time and if you don’t update them on a regular schedule they don’t function properly.

At least the Bulletin Board is back up and I don’t think we lost any information on it. However if in your reading you come across something which isn’t right, please let us know.

We hope things are back on track - well almost - so stay tuned. We were out and about today and even ‘tho it is the 20th of January it was 70 degrees and we were swimming today. For those in terrible weather, we’ve indeed lived through winter in Montana and while we aren’t there this year we do know what you’re going through. Use your head and don’t take foolish chances, snow, ice and cold can be deadly. We’d like to have you back here after the storms!

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