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Watchin' For You!
J. Castwell
May 25th, 1998

The Curve-Cast

It isn't too long after one gets into fly fishing that he learns how to place a fairly accurate over-head cast. Most trout are caught with that cast. However, the very next cast which needs to be accomplished is the curve-cast. Probably no other cast has so much written about it, and by excellent writers and casters. So, why do I bring it up? You may not have read about it yet!

This cast is far easier to do, than to describe. But let's take this one step at a time. First, you need it. Second, it is the next plateau in your casting learning. Third, you will catch more fish. So, with that for an introduction, let's get this over with. I think it is my most-used cast, even in long range salt-water casting. I know for a fact that it is my most-used cast in short-range dry fly casting. Why is it so important? Line control. Line control is presentation. Presentation catches fish, period.

Curve-casts give you control of the loop of line when casting on an upstream cast, or quartering upstream. That gives you control of the drift of the dry fly or nymph. In salt-chuck it allows you to fish the 'seams' in the estuary where the currents merge. The cast is very important. It IS your next cast.

So, what is it? Very simply, it is an 'over-powered' cast. It's that simple. Start with your normal 'overhead' cast. Have a practice fly on the leader. Now don't cheat, use a full length leader and tippet. A bit of yarn for the fly. On the front cast,stop short, hard, and drive the fly down. The same cast as if you were fishing a nymph or streamer. Make the fly dive down, The fly needs to hit the water first!

Next, switch to side-arm casting. Do the same cast again. Bingo! That's the curve cast. The left-hand curve-cast. It's that easy. Now, practice. You will find the leader is now more important than before. The length and make up must be correct. If it is, the cast will work very well for you. If not, re-check your leader or the hard and high rod stop.

And, yes I know there are other ways to perform this cast, this is the easiest way for me. Work on it. You need it. Line control IS presentation. -JC

Till next week, remember ...
Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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