J. Castwell
January 12th, 1998

"Want to Start a Fight?"

"To be, or not to be" ... "The Lady or the tiger" ... "Presentation, or imitation" ... Ah, the questions which have assailed mankind for these many decades. It would be hard to get a discussion going around a campfire about 'to be or not,' or about 'ladies and tigers'; but, choose wisely when venturing into the depths of 'the right fly' versus 'the right cast.'

The results could be broken friendships and bloodied noses. So, why not in the safety of this column, jump head first into the challenge. What is the challenge? It is this. Which is more important the presentation of a fly, or having the absolute, bang-on, deadnuts, perfect-copy fly? One thing seems to add fuel to this subject, the changing views of fly fishers as they develop their casting skills and knowledge of insect life upon which trout feed.

As each fisherman progresses, his opinion may sway, usually leaning more toward the side which has become the more accomplished. He who has become a fine fly caster may express the belief that 'the fly really is not that important, it's where and how you put it that counts.' On the other side are those to whom the insect life and tying the latin imitations has become an obsession. Tell them that 'the fly really doesn't matter,' and watch the dubbing fly!

So, what does this have to do with a casting column? Which way do I lean? Which do I think is more important, the fly or the cast? I would like to say THE CAST, and sit back and watch my email. I won't do that tho. The answer is of course, the perfect cast and the perfect fly. It seems that many have a problem achieving that degree of expertise, however; including yours truly. Therefore, some other solution must be found. That would be of course, a compromise.

You who can cast very well, examine the world of the infinutia. Upgrade your tying skills. Those expert tiers should perhaps look into some advanced casting lessons. Maybe expand your fly rod collection. Both of you work toward the perfect cast and the perfect fly; that way there will be no more fighting. Well there, I have solved that question for us now.

Ya' believe that and I have some Royal-Wulff sculpins that you might wish to purchase too. Just bring it up in a chat room, over a supply of adult-beverages, the office, the job, (never church), or around a camp-fire. Let me know how it works out. ~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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