December 2nd, 2002

Yet Another .Org
By James Castwell

I was going to write today about the fly shop I heard of that is selling out all of it's stuff at 90% off, or the big dumping of brook trout brood stock being trucked to a well known creek, but, this is more important, far more important and urgent.

Now, we all know that F.F.F. has it's certification program, you can become either a 'Certified Casting Instructor,' or a 'Master Certified Casting Instructor.' In fact, I have heard of a few 'Certified Casters,' but I am not sure of this rank at this time. Perhaps that should be 'Certifiable,' I don't know. But this is not about them.

ESPN seems to have some sort of "Great Games' thing going on where someone becomes a sort of a champion fish-getter or such, again, I am not up on all the details. There are a few other organizations around that give titles, some earned, some anointed for various elements of our sport.

Also on the radar these days is the ( It's a relative new creation of the ever busy Borgers, destined to become the main organization where one can 'earn' one or more of the various 'titles' in fly tying, both in quality and separate fly styles.

It appears that you, the fly-fishing, fly-tying, fly-casting and fish-releasing pursuers of piscatorial perfection want, or need, to have a title of some supposed value. With that firmly in mind, once again you will find here that FAOL will come to your rescue.

We, after a long into the night board of directors (including, but not limited to both custodial-engineers), have at last agreed on our plan to allow you to rise above the mundane, cretin, run-of-the-mill ordinary fly-flingers. As fly casting (FFF)has been covered and now fly tying (IFTG) has been covered, we are now going to originate a new organization for the certification of fly-tying instructors. The titles will reflect the various levels of teaching qualifications of the individual.

And so, with this pen, FAOL now proudly creates the International Department Involving Organizations of Tying ( In future columns you will find out how to attempt to qualify for the title of: Professor, Doctor, Master or Bachelor. There will be no fees involved, except possibly to help FAOL defray certain 'in-house' expenses and costs. It will be a 'Free Organization' and web-site, other than registration and monthly and yearly fees.

Yes, my good buddies, yours truly has once again come to your aid and listened to the masses, this may be for you, well perhaps not, but, it could be. Stay tuned for more on this soon and also the group forming for the bait fishers, with Master and Doctor baiters. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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