November 21st, 2005

No, They Are Not Very Good
By James Castwell

I hate to write this but I must. I owe it to so many of you who have written and those who have called me on the phone. The problem is almost always the same. You are confused by watching casting videos or shows on TV. You see how they do things, mainly casting, and somehow, to you something just does not seem right.

The hardest part for me to really understand is just because these guys are able to cast a little how were they able to convince someone to film them. This is not to say all of these guys are wrong, most only have some points that are wrong, but really, none have it all wrong. Now before you scream, "Who are they? What are they doing wrong?" and, "Who the hell are you to say so?" let me try to defend myself.

I have been honored to cast with world champions over many years and I may not be able to do fine casting, but, trust me, I know it when I see it. And these guys you have been drooling over don't have it. Especially the 'Stars.' The big name sports figures or the sissies from Hollywood. What a joke. Please do not try to cast like they try to, you might hurt yourself.

What happens here is a guy will be asking why he can't seem to get it. Why he can't cast 90 feet, why does his double-haul stink, why doesn't he catch fish like the guys on TV? Can you say 'editing'? No big secret, but that is where most of the magic happens. Several days of fishing sometimes gets crammed into 22 minutes.

Some of the TV shows are just dandy. Oddly enough, it is on the good ones that the person doing the fishing (casting) really does not portend to be much good at it. I would like to mention names here but will refrain as in the previous ones. There are some good tapes and DVDs, but few.

I just don't want you beating yourself up because what you see on the tapes and DVD's and TV shows just does not seem right as you have come to understand it. It isn't. And they aren't.

I know I will get hit for this, but, to the rest of you guys, I hope this helps you out. You are right. They are not that good and yes, they do make mistakes and sometimes do not do things right. The fact is, most of the people making these things don't know the difference anyway.

Aw heck, why not. I just love it when these guys try to high-five and get it all screwed up and miss and can't figure which hand to swat with. And while I'm at it, if any of you ever babble in the tongue of these clowns, stay away from me. I think they have an emotional problem. Never have I been around or ever heard such inane nonsense as the compliments and salutations when they do finally procure a fish of some sort.

But then, it's all just for show, isn't it? ~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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