J. Castwell
November 9th, 1997

A New Reel Story

There are few pleasures in fly fishing which can compare to the bitter-sweet acquisition of a new fly reel. It can be painful ($$$), rewarding, frustrating, exciting, investigatory, all encompassing, and, just plain fun. However, from first hand experience, I say here and now, you have been doing it all wrong!

You may have asked a friend about the reel(s) he has. You probably expected a truthful answer. Do you know for sure he was not just unwilling to admit he made a mistake? Like, he was going to say, "Yup, I sure was a big jerk. Got talked in to this 'whistle & bell' number. Boy, was I taken for a ride." More likely he was going to defend his choice.

Ok, so you tried the local shop. Smart. That guy makes his living on the profit from the things he sells; buyer beware. You then started checking out the ads in the magazines. Right, the stuff in the ads must be the truth or they couldn't print it. You see how complex and exasperating the whole thing could become?

Hey, hold on, this was supposed to be fun ...? Now you start to agonize. What brand? Which features do I need? What price range can I afford? The more of this you do the worse it gets. You have taken all of the pleasure out of, what should have been, a very rewarding experience!

Look at it this way. It's your money. It's your fishing. It's your recreation. It's going to be YOUR reel. Go back and look at the ads. Return to the store. Ask to see and handle every darn reel in the show case. Don't be concerned that you are taking up HIS time; it's your time too, and its going to be YOUR reel.

Now, don't just look at the new reels. Get your hands on 'em. Give the little handles a spin. Hold them up to your ear, listen to the sweet purr of the drag. Savor the time fondling the finish. Keep looking until you find the ONE ya can't live without. Forget the price. If you buy on price alone, you won't have your money and you won't have a reel that you like either.

A fly reel is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Make it just that. Count off the days till you can go to the store, or send in the check, or call with your card number and get YOUR new REEL!

What I am saying is this. Buy a fly reel with your heart, not your head. Treat yourself, you're worth it. After all, it is your money, your time, your sport; go for it! You will get more pleasure out of it if you do. You will have confidence in it and you, for sure, will catch a lot more fish. Ya got my word on it.~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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