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October 30th, 2000

Thanks !
By James Castwell

As editor of FAOL it is my duty to read and, if needed, make corrections and/or improvements to the material submitted to us for the various sections here. Those who write for us know that rarely is a word changed. I try very hard to run things exactly as they come in. Oh, there are little things like adding/deleting a comma or other tiny changes, but the main, original, 'from-the-heart' of the author is defended at nearly all costs.

I try to have those who write for us be fishermen who will write rather than professional writers who fish. You seem to like it that way, I know I do. There is a certain factor to the things they write for us. It is usually the truth, or darn near so. It is what I consider 'communication.' The idea gets through intact, not influenced by outside forces. In a way, it is like TV used to be many years back, guys like Huntley and Brinkly etc.

The good news here though is this. We receive compliments on a constant basis on the quality of the writing on FAOL! Now it is a fact that some of our writers are indeed 'quality writers.' But for the most part they are not writers at all. Just fly fishing folks who are willing to take the time to scratch something down for us all and send it in. Believe me, we are grateful, we appreciate all the work done by each and every one of them. Without the input of our 'stable' of contributors this web site would not be anything like it is.

The stories, tips, instruction, narrative and other material has honesty and emotion. Those qualities have been noticed by more than many of you realize. The best compliments come to us from publishers. Yes, those guys who print the books you go out and buy. These are the ones at the top of the fly-fishing game. They like the way you are doing it! And so do we. From Jim and Deanna and all those who read and enjoy, a very public 'THANK YOU' from FAOL. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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