October 17th, 2005

Things Are Not Too Bad Here
By James Castwell

Let me paint a few pictures for you here. How about you don't really need a fishing license because the government is out of money and they can't afford to buy gas for the game wardens truck? How about that indeed. Think about it. Possible? Yes, in fact, it is fact.

Luckily, or not so luckily, depends on how one looks at it, that is not the case in America. Even with a deficit, somehow those fish-cops seem to be around. Agreed, not when you might always like them, but all in all, they do a reasonable job. At least I think they try to. The ones I know personally do for sure.

Or this. Your favorite lake, the one that used to have a whole bunch of fish is being stripped of everything that wiggles and you can't do a thing to stop it. In reality, it is legal. The company who bought it from the state owns it now. They net it constantly. Kill everything. Keep out. It's theirs. Go away. You lose.

Then again you could always catch and kill someplace couldn't you? You finally get the necessary permits to fish a stream, you catch your two fish and you are done. Finished. It is over. No, you can not keep catching and toss them back. That is not good for the fish. Go home. Have a nice day. This is catch and kill. (C&K)

You resort to a 'pay for play' lake and pay by the pound. Desperation has taken over. One carp is all you can afford. You enjoy all of that you can stand too. You ponder the money you have spent over the years on gear. The rods, reels, lines, flies. Prices have gone up now. You were lucky you bought earlier. You know the shops buy an item for 50 mark it up to 300, knock off half and put it on sale for 150. They all do it, no big secret.

But the countries roads are doing alright these days. The gravel from the stream beds they use seems somehow to hold out. Of course the bugs have no place to grow but it doesn't matter now any way. The fish were gone several years ago. You read of a few streams that actually have some fish that grow there, not hatchery planters. Wow, what a fantasy; to go there and catch just one before they are all gone.

It's not a fantasy. There is still some time left, not much, but some. Better chance if you get on a lake though. But, if you hurry over to Europe you might still have a chance.

Not everywhere mind you, but a few places. Before it's all gone. ~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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