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October 11th, 1999

The Summer Blues
By James Castwell

Well, we all made it, summer is over; nothing left but memories now. I always get a little sad when summer ends. Not so much because the season is over, it's just that I wasn't through with it yet. I don't mind fall, it can be a wonderful time of year and the fishing can be terrific. I just wasn't done with summer; I never am.

I think some of the sadness is really my fault. You see, I'm selfish. I want things for me. I want to go places, cast for nice fish and land a few. And I want to do it in the summer; it's nicer then. But, it's my fault I didn't get out more. I didn't go to some of my favorite streams and lakes and fish my old favorites. I didn't do it last summer either; I never seem to learn from year to year. Oh, sure I did some fishing and landed some and had a nice time alright; but it is never enough. I think I am angry at me.

It seems like I'm enjoying it enough when it is happening, summer that is; but in looking back, I wasn't, it got by me again. When it's summer it seems like I have a lot of time. When summer's over, I know I didn't; again.

Thanks Mike Croft

But now it's fall and things will be different. I promise myself I will go to that little stream south of here where I get some really great salmon nearly every time I go. I'm going to start tying flies tomorrow so I am ready and won't have to stay up late the night before I go. I really am going to do that, this fall.

I think I will really clean my summer trout lines soon and not just say to myself, "Heck, they're fine. I'll clean them real good in the spring." If I have time I may sort out my flies. They are scattered around in several boxes and I know they need to be organized. But, it's a long way to spring, I can postpone that at least for a while.

I did get out my salmon rod yesterday. Wiped it off with some 'stuff' and put some of it on the guides too; makes the line go through nice and fast. Protects the whole thing from the salt water I think. Hard to tell about these liquids though; how much good they really do. Makes me feel better, like I have done something worthy and valuable.

Funny how I always get that feeling of doing something important when I am fiddling around with my fly stuff. Probably not near as important as taking out the garbage, but it seems to make me feel like my self-worth grows just a little. I can always use some of that. Why is it that when I do the 'necessary' and 'important' things I don't feel very necessary or important; but when I kill time messing around with my fishing tackle I seem to stand taller?

I think I will go and check my salmon reel right now; I'm sure I can find something it needs, oiling perhaps. And I have a new fly line to install too, that's always fun. I may be feeling a little better already. ~ J Castwell

Till next week, remember ...

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