September 24th, 2001

Remember the Maine
By James Castwell

What this will not be is a political column. This is a fly-fishing web site and will continue to be. But, let me ask just these first. Are we likely to 'Forget the Maine?' Or, 'Forget Pearl Harbor?' Certainly not. Nor are we going to in any time soon forget the events of the past few days. We shall not and we should not.

But my President has asked something of me. Not in person of course, but this is what I am hearing him ask me to do. He wants me to get back to work. To take that tax refund he sent to the tax-payers and spend it. He wants the money to help get the economy stimulated. Buy stuff. Be productive. Make things. Sell products. Get America moving again. Leave the 'heavy-lifting' to him and his folks in Washington, DC.

He has his job to do and now I have mine. He says he trusts me, that he has faith in me. He says he wants me to 'get it back together' and to move on with life as before. I will not let him down, I have confidence in him; I'm going to take him at his word and get back to work.

My job here is to keep FAOL going. To that end, here is some great news. Over the next few weeks we will be bringing on line nearly two dozen new sponsors. We had a great show in Salt Lake City and will bring the details to you as soon as we can. Remember, these pages we build bring you the latest information from these guys. A bit like going shopping without leaving your computer.

There are some new businesses and some new products from companies you already know well. Remember, it is these sponsors who make all of this possible. You support them, they support us; it's as simple as that. Without them we could not bring you this. Without you, we wouldn't need to. Works for all of us.

In closing, my most sincere thanks to all of you for the communications we received over the past days. The sincerity and genuine concern were most welcome. I thank you all.

Now, excuse me, I must get back to work... ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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