August 6th, 2001

FISH-IN 2002
By James Castwell

The 'Fish-In 2002' will be held the last full week in July (the 22nd thru the 27th) at the Delaware River Club on the West Branch of the Delaware River, New York, and every year thereafter. Yes, we have made it permanent. The 'Fish-In' has become an integral part of Fly Anglers OnLine and must have a home. We have found at the DRC all of the parts to make it a success. This year was great, 2002 will be even better.

I want to thank all of you who contributed ideas and information for the 2002 event. Trust me, all were considered. The 'Fish-In' has taken on a life of its own and must now be treated accordingly. It will serve the most people in the best manner by giving it a permanent place for many reasons.

I know some (perhaps many) will be disappointed that we can not continue to move it about the country, in some ways, we are too. We know this will mean some of you may never get the opportunity to attend and for that we are truly sorry. As the necessary elements are included in the 'Fish-In' it is not possible to move it about and still have a successful time. We hope to make this week of fraternity a major point in many of our yearly fly-fishing activities. By maintaining a location much more can be included and the quality of the experience can be enhanced each year.

We are fortunate to have found and most grateful for the co-operation and continuing involvement of the DRC. They will play a far more integral role in the future. More of the details will be on here soon. The itinerary is planned and nearly complete for 2002. Here is a small idea of how it will be laid out. Breakfast every morning on premise from 7:00 to 10:00a.m., pricing will be similar to "town" prices.

'School-Time' every day from 10 to noon - which includes basic casting, presentation, roll cast and double haul. Casting classes will be on the pond, except for the double haul which will be on the lawn. 'Show-Time' every evening from 9 to 10:30, Those will include Where to Fish with Dick Jogodnik, J.C's Flies Only, Rod Building with Ron Kusse, an Evening with Al Caucci (Entomology, Catskill flies and his Comparadun), and a Timed Tying Contest on Friday. Bob Mead (Mantis) will be in charge of that, and it promises to be interesting to watch as well as challenging for the tiers. Casting Games and events on Saturday all day and closing dinner and ceremony at 5pm. No pig roast, probably an all-inclusive Bar-B-Que. We have already addressed and are working with the DRC on this years camping issues.

There will be guided walking tours of the river as well as float trips available. Both are fishing trips and there will be a charge for the guides services. The exact details will be available in print from the Fly-Shop and reservations can be made thru them.

The DRC has already blocked the week for just FAOL. You can make your reservations directly through them. 1-800-6-Mayfly is the phone number. You must tell them you are with FAOL!

We have arranged the 'Fish-In 2002' so that no scheduled events (show-time, school-time) will interfere with fishing. Some may want to attend these, some may not, but, at least you will have the choice. It will allow us to really plan our days there, knowing what each day has to offer. There will be a nominal registration fee to cover expenses for the events handled by FAOL. More on that later too. We have delegated certain areas of interest to some great guys and are sure you will have a wonderful time. If you have any problems or complaints contact me, I am the one who is responsible for the whole thing. I will try to make it a good experience ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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