July 29th, 2002

By James Castwell

For years I have been content to just bumble along as one of whatever majority I found myself in. Nothing special, just kept my head down and went my own way. It didn't matter much if I watched the parade, or let the thing go by. You know, you get old, sit on a park bench and stare at your shoes, wondering where it all went. It seemed for the most part of my life the majority kind of ran things, a few dissenters might squawk and perhaps even some would get noticed.

But now in my sunset years I have decided to just 'go for it,' so to speak. I think I will become one of the 'squawkers,' make some noise, leave a few foot-prints for a change, heck, why not? So, what shall I pick for a target? You guessed it, fly casting. Why not set myself up as the top guy, the 'King of Casting', speak for all you un-united fly casters out there, perhaps start an organization and get some good old government dough too, ya, non-profit tax free stuff. Boy, this could be great.

First off, I need to blame somebody, that's the way to get attention. Let's see, oh, I know, I need to blame all of the other guys who have been making tapes and teaching fly casting. It's all their fault. They have been teaching everyone to do it all wrong. That is obvious, of course, since there is no one who casts exactly like I do, they all must be doing it wrong, that's simple. Now, since they're all wrong, it should be easy for me to get some guys to agree with me. As soon as I get even a few, that makes me an organization and away we go.

World domination, why not go for the whole hog. I wonder if I can get any laws passed making it illegal to cast like Lefty or Steve, worth a shot I suppose. I forgot about this, I will need to make up snazzy names for all of the casts, boy, there are a lot of them too. Well, I can delegate that to one of my 'followers,' I suppose, be good for them to think they are important.

Wow, this is more fun that I figured it would be already, and I haven't even started 'speaking for the whole sport' yet. At first it occurred to me that somehow I should get elected, or at least nominated and voted for, or won some contests or such, but, heck no one else ever needs that, they just step up and proclaim they are the top dog and off they go, being it. I'm glad I had a few years of TV in the past, probably will be a lot of that soon, ESPN, Fox, those morning shows, even on Martha Stewart if she still has a program, (she does fly fish you know).

Politics. Now there's a real possibility. Meet Bush and Cheney, they fly fish; boy, I bet they can't wait to have me teach them how to really cast a fly rod. I wonder how the bed is in the Lincoln bedroom, comfortable I hope, can't take chances with this old frame. I hear Daschle is just learning; he might benefit from my expertise too. Of course all of this is a bit dependent on a few things coming off as planed. Just in case it works, I will need a great name, 'James Castwell' should do it, got a nice ring about it.

So there you have it my friends, my master game plan. If in the future you don't see me on TV and such you'll know I messed this up, but, I at least gave it a shot, made some noise, and tried to leave at least a few foot-prints. ~ ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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