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June 12th, 2000

Now It's Your Turn.
By James Castwell

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for sponsoring Fly Anglers OnLine. I realize they need folks like you to help out with the bills and I do appreciate what you are doing. You might not see direct sales from your ad on here right away, but trust me, you are supporting the best fly-fishing web site and I come to it a lot. When I buy stuff for fly-fishing you know I will keep you guys in mind. Thanks again, (delete this and sign your name, and if you wouldn't mind, your email address too.)

Kind of like your local Public Broadcasting Station (PBS), once in a while I ask you to give a hand. If you highlight the above with your mouse and hit the letter 'C' and the 'ctrl' key at the same time it will save it for you. Next, go to the sponsors page select as many as you will, find the email link on their page and send them the above email.

If you want to 'paste' the message into their email box just hit the 'ctrl' key and the letter 'V' at the same time, it will 'paste' it in there for you.

Remember, we don't insult you with all kinds of spinning, on-fire, nasty flashing things on our pages. We try only to give you the information you are interested in. We work hard for our sponsors and want them to continue with us, some have been here from the start. We are grateful and know you are too. Tell them, they need to know it and hear from you.

So, my friends, in advance I (we) thank you for a bit of effort on your part to help keep this all going. I think we have a great group of sponsors and for sure have the best readership of any site. You have been very loyal and most kind with your comments on the 'Guest Book,' and are always welcome to email us.

I hope you continue reading us and telling your friends about Fly Anglers On Line (FAOL). We are doing all we can to bring you what you are after. Sincerely, ~ JC and the Ladyfisher

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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