May 28th, 2001

New Stuff
By James Castwell

Rationalization: "The oft-times employed self-deceiving practice of deluding oneself that some piece of fly-fishing gear is desperately needed regardless of cost." Webster? No . . . James Castwell. You see, I have this tendency to look with coveting eyes at fly-fishing gear and have longing in my heart, even when I know I don't have any need or use for the thing whatsoever. I am sure I am unique in this and you never have such thoughts, never. Ha! If you don't, you are not quite human and certainly don't belong to the brotherhood of fly-fishers.

Same thing happens when I look at a magazine too. I actually think I look more at the ads than the 'content' of one. Hey, that's where the 'NEW STUFF' is. And the new stuff is what we are all interested in. That is why the manufacturers put ads in there, to hook you, oops, make that 'show' you all the new stuff. The very latest of the fly-fishers must have art. You see it, you just gotta have it! At least that is what they are hoping. The same goes for the Sponsors Page on Fly Anglers Online.

You see, we work very closely with those guys, when they have something new, up it goes on the pages behind the little sponsors logos. We can bring the NEW STUFF to you much faster than any other media and they know it. That is one of the reasons they are on that page . . . to bring their new products to YOU! If you aren't in the habit of periodically checking each of them you are missing out on a lot of the latest things they have.

Like this, did you know that Mustad has a new fly each month? How about the close-out on gear from Lamiglas? Or, that Flashabou has a fly too, tied by Larry Dahlberg with one of the products they provide. Watch for a new item soon from Teton too. (Yes, a reel, but something else too) High quality hackle is on there, some great buys on already tied flies, a few fine places to go for great fishing, foot-wear, eyewear, rods, reels, art, tying desks and lights, fly lines, and all the rest. Just like going into a new fly shop... take your time, look around.

Close-outs, discounts and new gear, constantly changing each month or so. Don't miss out on this, be sure to look them over. Our data tracking programs tell us that many of you do, but the purpose of this web site is to bring you information, and the Sponsors Page is one of the ways we try to do it. You never know, you might find something you just can't live without. And remember, it's these guys who pay the bills here at 'good old FAOL'. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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