J. Castwell
May 17th, 1999

Starting Fly Fishing
(Beginners only)

I have to assume that if you are reading this you have at least some interest in fly fishing. Good, that's a start. What I mean is, you have already started, you don't have to make a decision. You have made the most important one. Perhaps you know some guys who fly fish. Let me explain a bit about a few of them.

Some are real 'hard-core' type. They live and breath this stuff. It is the only way they fish; you couldn't pay them to fish any other method. The vast majority who fly fish use a fly rod for most of their fishing; but they also use other methods. A few others only use a fly rod very little, continuing to use other methods for most of their fishing. So you can see that there are different levels of involvement.

My point is this. Starting to fly fish is not giving up anything. You are not going stop fishing. You are going to expand your fishing. You will add a new weapon to your arsenal. The great thing about fly fishing is you can use it as much or as little as you wish and know how. One of the real thrills is the learning process. Don't think you have to know it all to get started. If that was true, there would be no fly fishers. We all started right where you are now.

You have made the start, now take the next step. If you have not done so yet, go out and buy a fly rod, a line and a reel. It really does not matter a whole lot what you purchase. Not to get started. I would not recommend getting a very expensive one to start with. I know some manufacturers will not like me saying that, but here is why. You may break the darn thing. The less expensive rods, some of them, have a great guarantee. If you do break it, they will replace it. Good idea for your first rod.

Don't get all up-tight by what some may recommend as to brands, they are well meaning and want you to have good things. On a low-end priced fly rod there is not a lot of difference. Buy one you like; one that looks good, feels nice, and you will have some sense of ownership in. Remember, it is a FLY ROD, and you are going to become known as a FLY FISHER.

If possible get some casting lessons. Friend, fly shop, class, wherever you can find some. They will help you get off to a better start. Once you have a bit of that accomplished, go fishing. Go to a place where you know where the fish are. One you have fished before. String up the rod, tie a fly on the end of the leader and fling it out there. THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT. . . YOU'RE FLY FISHING!

Sure you will learn, and get a lot better in the months and years to follow, but you are now a fly fisherman (or fly fisher lady) if that is the case. After all, there sure are a lot of fly fishers out there and you might just as well be enjoying what they have found. Welcome to our sport; we're glad to have ya. ~ JC

P.S. If you need some help, check out the For Beginners, Fly Fishing 101. ~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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