May 12th, 2003

The Blindmen and the Elephant
By James Castwell

You know the one about them, how these guys came upon one and as each felt about the creature, each came up with differing opinions on what it was. So it was with those of us fishing Rocky Ford Creek, WA last weekend.

Just as the blindmen each 'saw' the tail as a 'rope,' and the trunk as a 'snake,' and the leg as a 'tree,' so did those looking for and finding fly fishing conditions on the stream.

We arrived late on Friday afternoon and spend the rest of the day socializing, then after a bit more from 8am to 9am on Saturday, drove the short ten miles from the campground to the stream. Many had chosen other places for the day and only four of us hit 'Rocky.' This is a stream which basically starts at a hatchery, forms a stream, then a pond, then a stream again, then another pond; on and on that way gnawing it's way through the desert for miles.

Fairly constant water temperatures provides a rather constant batch of trout food, scuds, nymphs, emergers and dry's. Our first morning found the little bwo's just finishing up and the occasional rise by patrolling fish, for sure there was no pattern to anything going on. I and my wife both chose three weights, the other guys went for 5's. Standing on the edge of the main impoundment each of us saw something different. And commenced to ply our trades accordingly.

Now, it is not important that we only use dries for trout, just quirky I guess, but it's our preference. The others used every fly they owned, well, almost, but you see what I mean. It didn't matter under the circumstances, anything worked. . .somewhat. And that was the wonderful part of the place for our Central Washington Fish-In, 2003. There was something for everyone, even bigger lakes for panfish or trout for the float-tube gang.

My wife and I 'saw' cruising trout, big ones, and attempted to get a fly in front of where we hoped they may appear next. We had to change flies a few times, finally hitting on a fly that had no counterpart on the stream. They had been taking a tiny light fly, we gave them a bigger dark one with upright wings (Wally Wing or Lady's Fish Finder), took rainbows from sixteen to twenty-eight inches; fun stuff.

JC playing trout, LadyFisher
 with the net

The guys with the scuds and such did about as well, several fish of varying size. Pound 'em up? I suppose you could call it that, but, we were casting to fish we could see and which seemed to have at least a passing interest in the offerings, sometimes following and refusing, sometimes taking them.

Sunday found a small herd of FAOL'ers scattered about the area; no problem, there is plenty of room for all. Once again, each in his own way, finding exactly the right situation for his preferred method and then having a go at it. And each having a wonderful time and all catching fish. We all found what we came for. How can you improve on that? ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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