J. Castwell
May 10th, 1999

The Truth?

Sponsorship. Ya, right, like you care. Ok. Let's say that a sponsor on here sells a given product, and a guy comes onto the Chat Room and asks about a different one? I happen to be the 'Host' at the time. So, what am I supposed to do? Lie?

NO FRIGGIN' WAY! Sorry for the caps, but, this site is not what that is all about. We try very hard to make sure that everything we write on here is as we see it at the time we write it. I (we) will not ever slant what you see on this site in favor of anyone, sponsor, or not. Period. The success of this web site depends on truth as we see it at the time.

I have had many telephone conversations with possible 'sponsors,' and many do come aboard. Some do not. When they do not, it bugs me. I do not approach them with the idea that they need to be on here. Rather, I need them to be here to fill the needs of those who come to the site. Most do not understand that point of view. They ask for the number of 'hits' or some other manipulable figure of no real value. As of May, 1999 I get about 50,000 hits a day, not bad for the worlds largest information fly-fishing web site. More than a quarter million people have read this site.

So, about the sponsors on here. I have tried out the products, tried out the things, tried out the stuff. If it doesn't do as advertised, then they do NOT become sponsors here.

I have had some who wanted to be sponsors on FAOL. I did not allow them. They were not up to the line. They did not do as advertised. They did not make it on here. One other, wanted to be the 'main' sponsor of the whole site. Big bucks for sure. No thanks. And for those of you who think we are rolling in bucks, not. All sponsors pay the same, $500 a year.

I just want you to know that what you see, is as close to the truth as I, J. Castwell, and the Ladyfisher, can make it. No BS, just the real stuff. If you or your company wants to become a sponsor, let me know. If I do not have enough sponsors, I will not be able to continue producing this web site. Hey, someone has to pay the bills. We are fine now. But we are here to help the new guy into fly fishing and provide information and a community for the rest of you sincere anglers. And the sponsors have to make a living or they fold!

There is truth in advertising; -
at least on FlyAnglersOnLine.com. ~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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