April 9th, 2007

"Explaining A in terms of B"
By James Castwell

That is a method of teaching. Well, more a communication devise if you get right down to it. Pretty much deals with the situation of when someone does not know, or have any real reference to 'B,' so you try to explain how it is like, or unlike, 'A.' Maybe like when you are talking to some computer guy about your sick lap-top. He starts babbling along using various techy-talk words and terms, your head starts nodding and very soon you realize you have no clue at all what the *&^% he is talking about. At first you thought you understood, but as he went along you got lost. He was building and as he got more into it he assumed you could follow. As soon as he threw in a new term you were a goner.

As an example, look at the double haul cast. Three parts. First you pull on the line (with your line hand as the rod starts going into the back-cast). Next is the cast (to the rear with the rod hand). Third is to feed some line into the back-cast (after the stop). Okay, you might say you have 'A,' 'B,' 'C.' If you agree with that, great. We are moving along here.

Tough enough to learn. You start with 'A,' add 'B' to it and when you get to 'C' you forget the darn 'A.' Can drive you nuts and the teacher too. We see it a lot when teaching casting. But, something I am noticing more and more, especially when helping large groups, is folks coming up later on to me with a revelation about something they just figured out.

What that tells me is that I did not get through to them. That I didn't cover all the basis in the instruction. Now, that's not all that hard to do when teaching 'one on one stuff,' but in a group you don't always to get to see the direct results. What I want you to do is to pay real hard attention when you have a chance to learn anything about fly casting and make sure you fully understand that the fellow is talking about.

As soon as you are not sure what something means, you are about to lose it. And you won't be able to understand anything that follows. Even if your head does bob up and down. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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