March 31st, 2003

Commercial Fly Fishing
By James Castwell

You have seen me attack TV sponsors when they cast fly-fishers in a poor light, (the Wall Street Journal for instance) now I want to try something different. I think that folks who fly fish have a leg up on being the right kind of people. The code of ethics, the discipline, and all of what goes into making a person a successful fly-fisher I think helps make them a good citizen too.

I just watched a TV commercial for T. Rowe Price, nice job guys. It made fly-fishers look good. This kind of image may help build our community. It may get some kid somewhere to ask his dad to teach him how to do it.

My problem is this, how do I (you and I) get more TV sponsors to promote our sport in a good light rather than a foolish one (WSJ again). I may have a few connections to some sponsors, but, not enough and not the right ones. This is a very closely held business, they use 'media-buyers' and all sorts of connections to produce a commercial.

Can we find any avenues that can make a start, a dent, some small difference at all? I think we can. We just have to recognize the problem, that's a start. Now we need to try to make some progress, any progress is still progress, then expand on that.

I am not asking you all to go out and sign up with T. Rowe Price, that's not it, we need to let our feelings be known to all the other outfits out there that could just as well put a fly-fisher in their commercial as anything else.

We all remember how we got after the boys with the ORV running up streams, if a negative campaign can make a difference, perhaps a positive one can too. I have no real ideas how we all can facilitate this, but let's all try when and where we can. Sometimes just recognizing a problem is half of solving it. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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