March 26th, 2007

Medical Coverage
By James Castwell

It seems that the government (state and fed.) have found plenty of reasons to pay folks for various things. I see that in some places they will pay for funny stuff for smoking and if you are stressed out you can take a few moments to relax. That's nice. Caring for them. Somehow I believe a small part of my taxes goes to help those programs.

They seem to be laying in bed at night, eyes wide open, struggling with yet more and more wonderful ideas of how they can redirect my tax money. Now, please don't get me wrong here. I am all for folks doing what ever they can to reduce or even prevent stress and tension and all sorts of other emotional golly-wobbles pandemic to our society these days. That the government is willing to be involved is left up to guys whose job is far above my pay grade.

But, I have an idea that just might reduce the number of those so afflicted with the 'nasties,' are seemingly doomed to for a lifetime to be afflicted with them and are a basically hopeless case.

What if society could provide them with something that would make them happy, keep them involved for a lifetime, render them harmless, provide a place where they would be either away from the general populace or striving to do so, prop up the economic status of a sports economy and generally make things a whole lot better for everyone. And to it cheap too.

Buy anyone stressed out a damn fly rod. Okay, a combo; rod, reel, line. The fact that fly fishing is addictive should not bother the 'powers-to-be' in any way I can notice so what could they possibly balk at? Think of the tremendous savings these new fly fishers would generate. New bodies to clean streams and lakes for free. Guys scraping dead stuff from our highways and bi-ways twenty-four hours a day, non-stop, year around. What savings.

For 're-fills' how about a prescription for some tying materials, assuming they have already been led down that primrose path. The possibilities are endless, remain far less expensive than any of the programs in existence today and the results are proven highly successful. When is the last time you saw a fly-fisher trembling, shaking, drooling and bleary-eyed (other than a possible Saturday morning (very early)?) Either then or when there is a heavy hatch of Occidentalis improbablis and all he has are number 16 BWO's?

Yes. The government solution to stress is fly fishing. Why they have not thought of it is hard to ascertain. Probably busy with other stuff lately, but we can always hope they will come to their senses. After all, both of the top guys actually are fly fishermen. Some even use cane rods, but that is a whole other column. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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