March 24th, 2008

It's Alive
By James Castwell

Quoting those memorable words of the great Baron Von Frankenstein in the title may be a little corny, but what the heck, I have never claimed to be a good writer anyhow, and it is a narrative hook. It may be more appropriate than you may think. It frightens me some too. What? FAOL does.

You see, in the beginning (go way back) there were no cars. Your grand, grand, grand uncles road a horse to the job. Probably worked rather close to home. Then that Ford guy made a car and folks started to drive to work (think longer distances). Then they really got out of the nest on airplanes. Now your uncles (the ones who would have taught you how to fly fish) are scattered all over the country. Lucky if you even see them on holidays. The dissemination of the family group happened. Not good for learning how to fly fish. Something had to be done; and was. Trout Unlimited followed fairly soon by the Federation of Fly Fishers.

Two great outfits with high standards, strong principles and lofty goals. Different as night and day, but equally important. They both had their place or else they would not have been formed and would not exist yet to this day. Then along comes this thing, FAOL.

Why was it created and why is it still alive and where will it go? The answer is "I'm not sure," to all three of those questions. We wanted to set up a place where the guy could come when he couldn't find an 'uncle' to teach him fly fishing. Ever wonder where the expression came from if you give up, "Cry Uncle?" Sure, some fellow trying to learn how to fly fish (think really bad humor here) before FAOL was formed.

So, I suppose that (your online uncle) is kind of what we tried to come up with. Next we wanted things to be free and easy to access. Back then a lot of web sites were charging for 'registration'. I don't think too many of those are around any more. At least we are still free and will always be so. I wanted new things each week and mostly that has happened due to the great support of all of you who agreed. Involvement and submissions have been wonderful. Some wanted to become even more connected to it and we set up the 'Friends' area and that seems to be a hit too.

Yet, if I scratch a note on a slip of paper it is more real than this is. Ironically, ephemeral may be an apt choice of names for any web site. Kick the plug out an we are not even history. We do not exist and never did. Poof!

Where is all of this going and how long will we be here? You know there is no answer to that. Somehow, a long time I guess. Seems like there is a lot of information gathered here and has been done so by some pretty fine folks. Thank you, all of you. For right now... "It's alive!" ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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