J. Castwell
March 8th, 1998

New Fly Rod?

Well, it is on the way. Spring, that is; and the opening of the fishing season for many. For others it never closes, just 'shifts gears' a bit. Either way, there is stuff to do. For some, changing fly lines over to a different size, or type. You may need to clean gear, or tie the flies not yet done.

But there is one guy I have a tendency to forget about, and I apologize. It's the fellow who got the new fly rod for Christmas, or at least got it since the last fishing season expired. This is a bit like giving a guy one golf club and sending him out on the links to 'see if he likes it.' We of 'the long-tooth' would not think of attempting fly fishing if we only had one rod. However, there you are. One fly rod and not a clue how to get the string through the little hoop thingies.

So, here I am writing columns trying to explain the intricacies of the triple-bamboozel-haul and you couldn't care less. You are right.

You need to check out some of my other columns. No, I don't expect you to hit the 'Archive of Castwell Articles' at the bottom of this column and spend the rest of the week reading about basic fly-casting and basic fly-fishing. But, I hope you do check into them. They are for you and will take you along step-by-step. If one does not seem to pertain at the time, skip it and go to the next one, but at least bring them up and take a look at them.

You still have the time to get a head start on the game, but, start now. One neat column is '2001 Casting Faults, and how to fix them all.' Another that is very simple is 'How To Cast.' You will never see one done like that. Check out 'Why You Can't Cast,' pretty easy. You should read 'Line to Leader,' it will help you. For some diversion take a look at 'The Great Mr. Lynnslinger, or Fisher. Good stuff.

Cheap Rods

Ok, you have the idea. There is some good information back there. It is a good now as it was 79 issues ago. Hope you have as much fun going thru them as I did writing them for you.~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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