February 11th, 2008

By James Castwell

There are two kinds. I will deal only with the good kind. That queasy, uneasy, gnawing, nervous condition when you are going to get something. There is the kind which is a bit similar, as when you have not quite made up your mind which color convertible to get, or really, to even get one at all. But you are pretty sure you're going to do it anyway.

The real thing hits when you have "taken the bull by the tail and faced the situation", so to speak. You have committed, or perhaps should be committed, but right at that moment you don't care. You are going to do it, or get it, or go there or whatever. But you haven't done it, got it, gone there or whatever...yet.

Let's take the new guy, new to fly fishing. I am glad to see we occasionally do get one to post on the BB asking which rod to start out with for instance. In fact, let's stick just with fly rods for the rest of this. Sometimes a guy's first rod is a spur of the moment purchase. Not a lot of bucks, maybe a combo in fact and a dozen of the latest killer flies. Anticipation starts when the clerk hands his credit card back...approved. The thousands of questions yet to be thought of and some answers as well.

Moving right along we then might find the average Joe. He has a few rods of varying value and age and figures to upgrade his weaponry. His mental anguish starts with the first hint of a dream of a new rod. Perhaps a picture in a magazine, something on T.V., a chance comment by a friend or even the Internet. Then he has all the little increments of anticipation between the dream, the choices, the opinions asked, locating it and picking it out and ordering it/getting it and putting it all to gether, and looking at it 'with his hands'.

And then there all of you rich guys with lots of money and rods and no use for any more but...give you almost any excuse and off you go chasing another 'will-o-the-wisp' fly rod to solve some imagined problem. Rationalization some might call it. Just plain nuts others might venture. I say, It's all part of the game, go for it.

Let me have a little fun at your expense if you have plowed thru this piece this far. A challenge. Now, no one likes a challenge, we say we do, but we don't really. In fact, you may not like this one. This is a little like how to get gold for nothing. Stand in a corner of a room and do not think of a Polar Bear. Simple. Old, but simple. Works every time. Now for the challenge. Remember, you are warned here. Do not read further if you do not like challenges. Okay? OK.

What ever rod you are going to get, or just got but have not yet fished (fished is the key word here), when you take it out on the water and actually fish it, on the very first fish, of any kind, that hits your fly, of any kind, you must land that fish or sell the rod.

Yikes, Sell the rod if you lose the very first fish? Yup. The tomato-stick is forever jinxed and will never be worth a hoot. And you are not allowed to tell the buyer why you are selling it until after he has bought it, then you must tell him why you sold it. That's the challenge. Don't worry that now you have heard about it you must do it. Nothing could be further from the truth. You may in time forget you even heard of the idea.

But, I will tell you this. It will give you a little to think about for a while. Maybe until you fish the next rod. Something to anticipate at least. Oh yes, this does give you a real valid reason to buy a new rod, 'cause I said so. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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