January 22nd, 2001

Worth What?
By James Castwell

Rationalization is a wonderful thing. It may be exactly what I am doing now; I never know for sure when I am doing it. I got to thinking about the cost of fly-fishing gear, you know, rods, reels, lines and all the other stuff we need for the sport. There is more though. When we get into fly-fishing we usually get into fly-tying too, some sooner, some later. Now if I add the cost of all that stuff in, like the old saying goes, 'It runs into money!'

So guess what? I started to count up all it takes to really be into this game. The result was this. I gave up. There was just no way for me to figure it out. I was even trying to figure out how much the gas costs to get to a place to fish when it dawned on me I should add in the wear and tear on the car. Nuts! So much for that.

It was then I turned to my old stand-by, rationalization. If I add all the time I am thinking about fly-fishing, thinking about fly-tying, getting ready to do either, getting there, actually doing it, getting back, and the other times my mind is involved with the sport, the costs starts to come down.

If I add together all those minutes and hours of enjoyment fly-fishing gives me perhaps it is not so expensive after all. That could be it, I sure know of many who spend what seems like a small fortune on gear and claim it is all worth it. In fact, most of us seem only more than willing to search for ways to spend even more whenever the chance arises.

Well there you have it, I will not lament over the price of a rod or reel, but will delight at what a great bargain it is considering all the pleasure it will add to my life. Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Since the price probably is not going to come down on all this stuff, what other choice do I have? Heck, my personal time is precious, this stuff is cheap! Now, where did I put that new catalog I just got? ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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