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Marryat CMR Reel

Marryat has the products you've been waiting for. It could be the quality of the materials, or the Swiss-precision manufacturing. It might be the world-famous Marryat engineering. Or perhaps it's the many years of fishing experience that go into each and every item. Whatever the reason, when you pick up any Marryat product, you know right away, it's something special.

Marryat Classic

Both the Marryat Classic and the CMR reels are outstanding designs with incredibly smooth and powerful disk-drags systems, lightweight, quick-change spools, and exposed palming rims to give you the added control you need to land even the most determined fish. The finishes are corrosion proof and at home in saltwater or the pristine mountain stream. Remember the Swiss-precision manufacturing? These reels are built to last. But the prices may be their best feature. While these reels offer the looks, features and feel of more expensive reels, you'll find Marryat reels surprisingly affordable. Why? Because Marryat feels every serious fisherman deserves a finely crafted reel. The large arbor is now available in the U.S. too.

The New Marryat Plus Fly Reel

Marryat Plus Fly Reel
The first "dual mode" large arbor fly reel which is extremely lightweight and easy to use.

  • Drag force increases smoothly and progressively just by squeezing the handle (Direct Drive).

  • Switching from Anti-Reverse to Direct Drive mode by squeezing the handle at any time (dual mode function).

  • Hands remain in same position when in- or decreasing drag force.

  • No unnatural hand motions.

  • Other Features:

    • Large Arbor spool for quick retrieval

    • Easy change from left to right hand use.

    • Built especially for saltwater use (lines 8-9 wt only).

    • Maintenance free (no lubrication needed).

    • Hard anodized coating.

    • Standard drag knob is located on the handle side, easy to control, no fumbling around the reel.

    • Heat resistant hi-tech composite material drag.

    • Low start up inertia (no jerking).

    • Offset handle position for quick wrist retrieval.

    • Quick spool change supported.

    • Main components are sealed, therefore protected against sand and dust.

    • Click out / silent in.

    • No special tools needed.

    • Machined from bar stock aluminum.

    • Capacity: WF8F / 225 years 20 lb backing or WF9F / 200 yars 20 lb backing.

    • Weight: 6 3/4 oz.

    • Made in Switzerland.

    • Introductory price: $850.00; price for 2006: $950.00

    Marryat Precision Rods

    Marryat Precision Rods

    Marryat produces fine fly rods too. Beautiful, high-performance rods at affordable prices. Rods built with top-of-the-line components from the winding check to the tip-top to maintain the best performance. The Evolution rods are 3-piece with the finest cork grips, silver-nickel reel seats with custom birds-eye-maple inserts and stainless steel chrome-plated snake guides. The Packer is a 4-piece rod, with an internal ferrule system to reduce the mass of the ferrule and minimizes weight creating an ideal pack-rod. Available in 3 and 5 wt in 8 foot length, or 4 and 5 in the 8 ft. 6 in. The new Precision rod is a two-piece, medium-fast action rod. An excellent choice for a powerful all-round rod. Available in 4 through 8 weight.

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    Marryat Multi-Purpose Fly Tying Vise

    Designed by Marc Petitjean, this is the all-in-one vise which travels with you. The MP Vise enables tiers to tie a variety of flies from the simplest to the most intricate and complicated designs. The MP Vise includes two sets of jaws for size 32 to 4/0 hooks, a tube fly sytem, pedestal and clamp base, standard and rotary settings, bobbin rest, parachute system and a material holder. All adjustments are made by hand, no tools required. Above are the photos of the case and the vise in it's various configurations. Click with your 'mouse' to see what's in the case!

    See Marc's new website now in English, HERE!

    The Marryat CMR On-Line Fly Reel
    1st prize for best product in reels at EFTTEX 2003!

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    Designed with the Angler in Mind

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